Does EPCC offer full time and part time care?

YES! Elmhurst Premier Childcare offers complete flexibility in scheduling and you may choose confirmed care up to 25 hours for part time and up to 50 hours full time. The choice is yours!

Does Elmhurst Premier offer “drop in” care?

YES! Upon your family’s registration, we offer drop in or hourly care for those emergency back up childcare needs, last minute plans or the time needed to complete daily tasks such as shopping…without kids!

What are Elmhurst Premier Childcare hours?

Our “regular” hours are 7am-7pm, however, earlier by appt and confirmation and we offer weekend care that often extends until midnight, as needed for parents night out or date nights.

Does Elmhurst Premier Childcare center accept CCAP or IL ACTION FOR CHILDREN?

YES! This is based on availability and we do charge the difference between what the state pays weekly and what our tuition includes.

What are the ages that Elmhurst Premier Childcare accepts?

We care for children 6 weeks to 6 years of age.

How much does Elmhurst Premier Childcare cost?

The cost of childcare depends on the age of your child and the amount of hours that meets your needs away from your child.

Can I bring my child’s food in for lunch and snacks?

You may provide bottles and infant food. We transition our infants to our organic, catered food beginning at the age of 12 months. After 15 months, outside food is not allowed per DCFS and the state of IL.

My child has special educational needs. Can he/she attend Elmhurst Premier Childcare?

Yes, in almost all cases. Our Center Directors will work with you to ensure we will be able to meet all your child’s needs. In many cases, we can offer/provide back up care.

When is Elmhurst Premier Childcare center closed?

We do our very best to remain open. We do not follow the Elmhurst District 205 schedule. We close under extreme conditions only. We are closed the following holidays:

New Year’s Day

New Year’s Day Memorial Day(we walk in the Elmhurst Memorial Day Parade and invite ALL our families and friends to walk with us)

July 4

Labor Day

Thanksgiving  Day

Christmas Day

We close early and potentially remain closed on:

New Year’s Eve

The day after Thanksgiving

Christmas  Eve