Infant Care

At Elmhurst Premier Childcare center, we work with your child’s needs and your family to ensure the transition into our center is natural and smooth. Prior to your child’s start date, and typically during our enrollment meeting, we will discuss what to expect and work with you to integrate your child and help transition him/her into our infant classroom.

You’ll receive communication electronically that includes diaper changing, feeding, photos, participation, nap schedule, etc. Your child’s milestones will also be communicated electronically!

Classroom Design

We have multiple infant classrooms, separated by age and stage. We have rooms designed for infants ages 6 weeks to crawling, a room for exploring infants who are crawling and a room specifically tailored for our infant walkers.

Parent Communication

We know how important it is for our parents to receive updates and stay connected throughout the day. We utilize an electronic application, HiMama where parents can be involved with their child’s changes and behavior on a daily basis. We utilize real-time updates and photos and parents will be notified directly via email and the application. Our updates will include developmental milestones, along with day-to-day infant activities.


We focus on several areas of infant development: Language, fine motor, gross motor, sensory and science. Infants have times for things such as tummy time, where they stretch and squirm, gaining much needed core strength and several different textiles are introduced where using their sensory skills begin to develop connections and individual growth.

Schedules and Routines

We will follow the schedule provided or are happy to help infants follow their own established routine through our one on one time. We love and nurture infants and help them become comfortable in their new setting, separate from mom and dad.

AS infants develop with us, additional learning outcomes include self-feeding, knowing and pointing out body parts, hand eye coordination and gross motor skills such as pulling themselves up, sitting up, etc.

Nutrition and Individual Care

All infants have their own schedules, habits and personalities. Our teachers communicate directly with you so we can assimilate a feeding and diapering routine that suits your child’s individualized needs. All diapers and feedings are logged and communicated electronically through HiMama application.

Long before infants display verbal skills, they read facial expressions, gestures and variable voice tones. We introduce infant/baby sign language to help communicate non-verbally.